Thursday, May 7

Halfway Mark

60 days gone, 60 days to go. So far the response has been within the expected bounderies, which sounds a lot more negative than I mean it to be. Combined with the happy news of the printing company that a mere 500 EUR (half the projected amount) will suffice for the first 1000 cards, I dare say we' re well under way to a success.

I can only ask my dear readers and backers to share share  and share this link. In crowdfunding promotion is everything.

Friday, May 1

Walpurgis night


I could make a long story of how and when it all exactly happened but who really cares. I have a boyfriend now. And he's wonderful.

That's what withes' night is for, I guess: magic happens.

Tuesday, April 28

A monday to look back at

How often does the thought of monday make you smile?

I'm wagering; not very often if at all. It is much the same for me but then came along yesterday. Not only have I acquired the mobile telephone number of my most recent crush, we'll be meeting over ice cream later today.


Sunday, April 19

Looking forward to monday ???

Don't tell me why you don't like mondays. In general I think I share your views on this one, but next monday is one I'm having mixed feeling about. It is after all the 20th of april: a day of sad memories.* 
And this year a day on which I don't have to go to work and might be seeing the one I secretly (and not so secretly) long for again.

*the anniversary of a most unwelcome death

Friday, April 17

Penguin material


style of clothing
field of study

nice hands
likes board games
likes animals (I presume)
science fiction afficionado
seems to like me

I have yet to find out whether he has a zombie apocalyps plan, who his favourite dr. Who companion is and if he knows how penguins propose, but I'm almost very certain that I'm absolutely smitten.

Tuesday, April 7

First month evaluation

30 days down, 90 days to go.

My crowdfundig project is now a little over a quarter on the way. So far the response and enthousiams of my immediate surroundings have been very good. I might not make it to the initial goal of 1000 EURO but then since I know I need about half of that to break even I don't really care.
I would in advance like to thank everyone who has already pledged an amount however small and for everyone who'd like to pledge but hasn't yet. Here's a link: Moheli Print

Let there be buttons!

Friday, April 3

Twee zachte armen om me heen....*

It has been for the first time in a very long time that last night I have wanted a boy/girlfriend regardles of being in love (which I am by the way but more on this subject later).

Not because it is what family and society alike seem to expect of me.

Not because I think a partner-for-life is essential for my happiness.

Not because I'm utterly sex-crazed from the withdrawal of physical attention.

But because it would be so nice to be able to say "Hold me for a while" without the immediate need for an explanation.

ANd I really don't feel like explaining. I only makes me tremble with anger. An negative loop that I need to get out of.

*two soft arms around me, a reference to a well-know dutch claasic about the solitude of a pestered misunderstood boy whose father is a sea

Wednesday, April 1

April 1

No jokes or surprises just a pretty picture of a pink fish.

Monday, March 30


It is not the greatest of tragedies when an old man dies, however great you think him. A full life is a tribute in itself and enough to be grateful for. But still. As always when a hero of my is no longer among the living I'm torn between grief and happy memories of what they have meant for me.

Fare thee well Tomas Tranströmer.

 After a black day,I play Haydn,and feel a little warmth in my hands.The keys are ready.Kind hammers fall.The sound is spirited,green, and full of silence.The sound says that freedom existsand someone pays no tax to Caesar.I shove my hands in my haydnpocketsand act like a man who is calm about it all.I raise my haydnflag.
he signal is:We do not surrender. But want peace.”The music is a house of glass standing on a sloperocks are flying, rocks are rolling.The rocks roll straight through the housebut every pane of glass is still whole.

Saturday, March 7


As a means of pushing myself  and in the meanwhile gather a starting capital without depleting my holiday funds, I've started a crowdfunding campaign.
So far it's in Dutch only, but once I get the pictures uploaded I'll make work of a translation.  In the meanwhile ....

here's a link: Moheli Print